PADMA MEDIA GROUP is involved in the field of media & communication, has established itself as one of the leading media corporation of Nepal. The objective and target of this organization is to serve the business group, general population and entire country by giving out the concrete information and to safeguard the enthusiasm of the general public. Three television channels are running under the umbrella of Padma Media Group Pvt Ltd i.e. Mountain Television, Bhakti Darshan International Television and Business Plus Television diversified towards all the sectors in order to serve the nation.

BUSINESS PLUS TELEVISION is a fresh start to cater the growing demand of viewers in specific segments. It aims to be the leading Business Television channel of Nepal through quality programming, innovation and technology. Business Plus covers live business headline news and recorded programs on national and international business industry, markets, employments, commerce, agriculture, etc. for the strategic penetration of unique markets segments providing total market coverage. It has the most diverse programming portfolio, positioning it as a channel of choice among viewers and entrepreneurs. This channel is not limited to share market or commodity market but it is also the most diverse programming portfolio which will position it as a channel of choice amongst viewers and entrepreneurs. Business Plus telecasts programs in Nepali 24/7 and adds to the objective of fulfilling the profound needs from limitless group of Nepalese individuals.